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Ensure you've always got a quick and tasty meal on hand with this awesome family pack. It contains around 24-26 serves of our most popular classics: lasagna, gnocchi, cannelloni, ravioli and tortellini. We've included household essentials like eggs, milk, cheese and flour. Throw in a couple of tubs of Serendipity Ice Cream AND free delivery and this pack is sure to please everybody!

What's in the box?
Durum Fettuccine 600g
Lasagna Bolognese (fresh) 1.5kg
Traditional Napoli Sauce 450g x2
Roast Vegetable Sauce 450g
Bolognese Sauce 450g
Spinach & Ricotta Cannelloni (frozen) x12
Beef Tortellini 500g (frozen) x2
Potato Gnocchi 500g (frozen) x2
3 Cheese Ravioli 500g (frozen) x2
Shredded Mozzarella Cheese 500g
Free Range Eggs Dozen
St David Dairy Milk Full Cream 2L
Supreme Bakers Flour 1kg
Grated Parmesan 200g
Organic Diced Tomatoes 400g x2

*Let us know what flavour ice cream or sorbet you'd like by adding a note in the checkout section