Handrolled Maria's Pasta on floured bench
Germain Triple Cream Brie
Gluten free natural crackers
Maffra Cloth Cheddar cheese, product image
Plated osso buco
Maria's Pasta brownie baked
Serendipity Icecream double ginger flavour product image

Special Occasion Lunch or Dinner for Four

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Treat someone special with a beautiful lunch or dinner curated by the Italiano family!

Germain Triple Creme soft ripened cheese 180g

Maffra Cloth-Ashed Cheddar 150g

Falwasser Wafer Thin Crispbread 120g 

1.4kg Osso Bucco

600gm Durum Tagliatelle

Garlic Bread

Green Goddess Salad x 2

Triple Chocolate Brownie x 4

Serendipity Ice Cream - flavour of your choice

Includes Delivery