At Maria’s, we have a family history of food going back to the late 1800’s

Food and the love of food are part of our DNA.

Our grandfather was born in Italy on Christmas day in 1896. His name was Natale Italiano and he was a cheese maker. He came to Australia in 1922 with very little money, but he had a knowledge of how to make traditional Italian cheese.

The company he started (which still bears his name today) was sold by the family in 1981, and in 1985 we entered a new food chapter with another of Nonno’s loves… PASTA!

In the same way Nonno was a great cheese maker, Nonna Maria was a great cook, baking bread and making almost everything from scratch. As almost anyone with an Italian heritage knows, there’s nothing quite like the aroma’s and tastes from Nonna’s kitchen.

Maria’s Pasta is our pride and joy. We make pasta each day using traditional methods, rolling the pasta by hand and carefully selecting premium ingredients from single point of origin sources.

If you haven’t tried it, you should! Our durum wheat pasta is second to none; our traditional basil pesto is to die for; our sauces and Osso Bucco are magnifico!